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Finders, Keepers, Losers, Weepers

It made headlines in November last year – a Sydney developer that exercised “squatters rights” to claim title to a house valued at $1.7M by simply moving in to an unoccupied Ashbury house and renting it out. The house at 6 Malleny Street was originally purchased by Mr Henry Thompson Downie in 1927. He resided…

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Franchising Code of Conduct – Part 2

We recently discussed the obligation on the parties to a franchise agreement to act in good faith that is enshrined in the Franchising Code of Conduct and the timing requirements of providing your franchisee with a disclosure statement. But what must be included in the Disclosure Statement? The prescribed form of the Disclosure Statement is…

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Pill Testing

As you’re aware, pill testing has been at the forefront of the media over the last few weeks. It comes in the wake of a number of young people dying at festivals from alleged drug overdoses. There has been public outcry, asking the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, to consider pill testing at NSW festivals, and…

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On the spot fines for possession of prohibited drugs

On 25 January 2019, the NSW Government implemented legislation enabling police officers to issue on the spot fines for drug possession offences. What does this mean? Police officers will have the discretion and power to issue a $400 fine to offenders found with illicit drugs in their possession. They will not be required to attend…

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Beards in Employment – the Sikh, the Rabbi and the Hipster – What Amounts to Discrimination?

Men with beards are often told when attending job interviews or attending their workplace that they need to be clean shaven (i.e. that their beard needs to go) but does such a request amount to discrimination? According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, Commonwealth laws and the state/territory laws generally overlap and prohibit the same…

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Sick Leave and Personal Leave

Accrual of personal/carer’s leave – Is an employer entitled to say that an employee’s personal/carer’s leave will not accrue past a certain number of days? If you are a full-time employee (either permanent or on a fixed term contract) you are entitled to take at least 10 days of personal/carer’s leave each year. Personal/carer’s leave…

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