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Make the most of a Pre-Sentence Report interview

A Pre-Sentence Report (“PSR”) is a report about you prepared for the court by the community offenders service. It is used by the Court to help decide what sentence to impose on you. It will also let the court know whether you are suitable to be placed on a Community Service Order. A Community Service…

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Court clarifies DUI charges

In a recent decision, the NSW Supreme Court clarified what is meant by driving under the influence.   What is DUI? Many people use the term “DUI” as an umbrella term to refer to all kinds of drink driving charges. This is not technically correct. In law, there are two kinds of drink driving charges,…

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Challenging a Will: What information does an applicant need to show when making an application for a greater share in the deceased’s estate?

If a person decides to make a claim against a deceased person’s estate seeking a greater share in the deceased’s property, that person will need to provide information to the Court to show that they have needs that have not been adequately provided for by the deceased. Additionally, a person will need to provide information…

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Recent changes to the Retail Leases Act and their impact on entering into lease of a retail shop

On 1 July 2017, amendments made to the Retail Leases Act 1994 (NSW) came into effect that will impact landlords and tenants of retail premises. The leasing of retail premises is governed and affected by numerous legislative and regulatory requirements. The Retail Leases Act 1994 (NSW) (the Act) overrides any provision of a lease that…

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Sunset clauses in an off the plan purchases

In contracts for off the plan purchases, clauses are often included that provide for either party to end the contract in the event that the unit being purchased is not complete by a sunset date. In 2015, the media reported that developers were exploiting these sunset clauses by ending the contract, then re‑selling the property…

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New disclosure requirements for contracts for sale of residential land

From 1 September 2017, contracts for sale of residential land will need to be updated to include new documents and meet new disclosure requirements.   Before residential property can be sold, a vendor is required to prepare a contract for sale that: discloses information about a property’s title, its zoning, sewerage, any rights of ways…

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